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"Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one."  ~ Malcom S. Forbes
Ms. Alma Coniconde, Special Education High School Class Teacher

Programs and Classes

Program Participation

CAPSES (California Association of Private Special Education School) member
SHAPE (Shaping Health as Partners in Education) program
Safe School program implementation
Compliant with NSLP (National School Lunch Program)
Dairy Council program participation
Harvest of the Month/Healthy School program implementation
Implementation of physical agility test program
CAHSEE (California High School Exit Exam) preparation program
Proud to Wait program implementation
Interactive Parent/Teacher/Student web program, "Thinkwave"
Boy and Cub Scouts after school program
Digital Photography Club after school program
Technology program
Recycling Program

The first growth in the student created fruit and vegetable garden
Squash from the summer gardening elective
Enhanced Classes

Physical Fitness Program
Our fitness program emphasizes endurance, strength, and conditioning with goal setting, tracking of progress, and nutrition curriculum. Along with our fitness program we offer a wide array of opportunities in our sports program to participate in football, basketball, soccer, and swimming.

School Clubs
We have several clubs for students to express their talents, enhance their learning, and develop social skills, such as; an art club, an agriculture club, a drama club, and a science club to name a few.

After School Programs
Digital Photography is offered two times a month after school for students of all grade levels. In this class students learn basic camera operation as well as the fundamentals of Photoshop. The students in this class create, produce, and publish yearly a 12 month calendar available for purchase.
Boy Scouts is offered two times a month after school for students of all grade levels. This program is a wonderful opportunity to help boys develop goals, values, and self-esteem as well as foster character development in citizenship, honesty, and respect. They work on a variety of projects and earn merit badges.

Work Experience
We offer a work experience program with supervised assigned jobs on campus allowing students to earn high school credit. The work experience program is supervised by the ITP specialist and school personnel including jobs such as recycling, school beautification, office assistant, and kitchen. In addition to these programs we work with San Juan Unified School District's Regional Occupation Program to offer pre-employment courses on a comprehensive campus as well as job placement in designated businesses.

Students playing volleyball during the summer program