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"The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives." ~ Robert M. Hutchins


For this month of July, we celebrated perfect attendance with our students. These are students that have missed no days of school for the month of June. Congratulations to the AYS students listed below for their dedication to making positive choices:     


Hezekiah  Will   Darnail


We are so very proud of you all for having the dedication to attend school every day.



In March we picked our quarterly Citizenship Slip winners. The winners were treated to breakfast out with Mrs. Johann Miller, the Principal, and Mrs. Heather Cortez, the school social worker to IHOP. The March winners were:


Primary ~ Ricardo for staying positive, helping, and being on task

Intermediate ~ Will for respecting others and helping

Middle School ~ Prince for helping

High School ~ Cheng for being on task


The Citizenship slips are passed out for going above and beyond the expectations of our students. This could be for helping a staff or peer, doing extra work, being respectful, following directions and more. We will be drawing the names of the next winners on July.









High School Class and Vice Principal, Ms. Lindsay